Irreverent Warriors Events for 2022

We have events planned over the majority of the year and all across the country.  Here are the hikes we have for 2022 SO FAR, we will be adding more as we confirm dates. 

We will ACTIVATE THE LINKS FOR REGISTRATION ONCE WE HAVE CITY APPROVAL.  Until the links are activated please go to the local Facebook group for more information                    IW – (City or State)    Example:  IW – Hawaii 

If you do not see an event reflected in the list below for your area, we encourage you to reach out about becoming involved.  Volunteering as an event coordinator is a challenging experience, but we have staff members standing by that will be happy to get you started!

Feb 12  Ft Lauderdale, FL

Feb 19  Waikiki, HI

Feb 27  Puerto Rico

Mar 19  Galveston,TX

Mar 26  Jax Beach, FL

Apr 9  Jacksonville, NC

Apr 23  Chattanooga, TN

Apr 23  Tallahassee, FL

Apr 30  New Braunfels, TX

May 14  Knoxville, TN

May 14  Salt Lake City, UT

May 14  Dallas,TX

May 21  Atlantic Beach, NC

May 28  Milford, MA

May 28  Waco,TX

Jun 4  Des Moines, IA

Jun 4  Philadelphia, PA

Jun 4  Spokane, WA

Jun 11  Indianapolis, IN

Jun 11  Wilmington, NC

Jun 11  Bozeman, MT

Jun 11  Normandy

Jun 18  Oceanside, CA

Jun 18  Cincinnati, OH 

Jun 18  Tulsa, OK

Jun 25  Anchorage, AK

Jul 4  Hopedale, IL

Jul 9  Seattle, WA

Jul 9  Pittsburgh, PA

Jul 16  Greensboro, NC

Jul 16  Chicago, IL

Jul 23  Reno, NV

Jul 30  Lexington, KY 

Jul 30  Twin Cities, MN

Jul 30  Rhode Island

Aug 13  San Jose, CA

Aug 13  Milwaukee, WI

Aug 13 Birmingham, AL

Aug 20  Detroit, MI

Aug 20  Adirondack, NY

Aug 20  Lubbock, TX

Aug 27  NYC

Aug 27  Pinehurst, NC

Aug 27  Albuquerque, NM

Sep 3  Round Rock, TX

Sep 3  Nashville, TN

Sep 3  London

Sep 3  Columbia, SC

Sep 10  Virginia Beach, VA

Sep 10  New Orleans, LA

Sep 10  Cedar Falls, IA

Sep 17  Ft Worth, TX

Sep 17  Norwich, CT

Sep 24  Kansas City, MO

Sep 24  Quad Cities, IA

Sep 24  Raleigh, NC

Oct 1  Colorado Springs, CO

Oct 1  San Antonio, TX

Oct 1  Memphis, TN

Oct 1  Palm Springs, CA

Oct 8  Ft Walton Beach, FL

Oct 8  Sacramento, CA

Oct 8  Hot Springs, AR

Oct 8  Boston, MA

Oct 15  Clarksville, TN  ( Ft Campbell)

Oct 15  Fayetteville, NC (Ft Bragg)

Oct 22  Tucson, AZ

Oct 29  Lincoln, NE

Oct 29  Richmond, VA

Nov 5  Los Angeles, CA

Nov 5  Charlotte, NC

Nov 5  Mobile, AL

Nov 12  Atlanta, GA

Nov 19  Houston, TX

Dec 3  Las Vegas, NV

Dec 10  Key West, FL


Anchorage, AK

Boise, ID

Harpers Ferry, WV

Quad Cities, IA

Sioux Falls, SD

Washington DC


If you don’t see an event planned for your city and want to get involved?