ir·rev·er·ent (adj.)

an inability to take serious things seriously.

How We Connect With Veterans

Shared experience in military service

Understanding, connection, & camaraderie

Use Humor to Heal

Connect On Social Media


Unite the veteran community and drive a healthy culture within its members. Through creative engagements, events, and strong veteran-based support networks, we are the catalyst for improving the veteran outlook.


The MISSION of Irreverent Warriors is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent veteran suicide.

How we prevent veteran suicide?

Irreverent Warriors knows that the best support network for veterans, is other veterans. We bring a community of warriors together through therapeutic events across the country. We also work with other veteran organizations who provide services such as job placement, training, housing, service dogs and more.

The connections and bonds made at our events allow veterans to create their own support network solving the most crucial issue contributing to veteran suicide; isolation.

We have experienced pain, tragedy, and trauma – whether overseas or at home – and many of us have used humor as a coping mechanism.

Finding humor in difficult situations sheds some light on the darkness and helps us maintain a positive mental attitude and continue our mission.

Who ARE The Irreverent Warriors?

Take a second to watch a quick video that explains who we are and how we accomplish our mission.

The warriors

We are men and women who have been prepared to kill and even die for our country. Whether active duty, reserve, disabled, or retired – our mission may have changed – but we still have each other’s backs.

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