As the new year begins, Irreverent Warriors wants to highlight the significance of family and community for veterans and their loved ones. The military life can be challenging, which is why IW is dedicated to providing a supportive community for veterans and their families.

In January, we hosted our 2023 National Leadership Conference in Dallas, Texas. This conference was an excellent opportunity for our chapter leaders from across the organization to come together, learn, talk, and grow. We were honored to have an impressive lineup of guest speakers and panelists from the military, academia, and the private sector.

One of our keynote speakers was The Honorable Patrick J. Murphy, an Army veteran, America’s first Iraq War veteran elected to the U.S. Congress, and the 32nd Under Secretary of the Army. During the 2022 Gala, Mr. Murphy discussed the significance of Veteran entrepreneurship and called our generation of American veterans the “purpose-driven generation.” He encouraged each of us to continue to live in our purpose, no matter what that may be.

Mr. Murphy is a firm believer in post-traumatic growth, or PTG. He stressed the importance of embracing our similarities and rejecting divisiveness, encouraging us to give each other grace and support each other as brothers and sisters. He also reminded us of the significance of showing and telling people that we are there for them and leaning on our brothers and sisters for support during tough times.

Irreverent Warriors Chairman of the Board, Danny Maher, also known as “Donny O’Malley,” spoke about the importance of driving positive cultural change for IW. “These events are all about love and respect,” Maher stated. “Good mental health springs from the love we have for ourselves and others, so we have to do everything in our power to foster that love.”

Maher believes that cohesion is a vital factor in encouraging positive change for IW. “We respect each other, our individual service, and the sacrifices we’ve all made in service to America,” he said. “We have to embrace the things that bring us together and move away from anything that pushes us apart.”

At Irreverent Warriors, we believe that creating a supportive community for veterans and their loved ones is crucial for their well-being. Our National Leadership Conference provided an excellent opportunity for our chapter leaders to gain valuable knowledge, share experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals.

We also believe that embracing our similarities and rejecting divisiveness is essential to creating a strong community. By showing love and support to our brothers and sisters, we can build a culture of respect and cohesion that will drive positive change for Irreverent Warriors and beyond.

We are committed to fostering this culture and serving our veterans to the best of our abilities.

By sharing these insights and updates, we hope to continue improving our mission and better serve our veterans. At Irreverent Warriors, we are committed to creating a supportive community for veterans and their families, and we believe that by embracing our similarities and showing love and respect to one another, we can achieve post-traumatic growth and drive positive change.