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President & CEO


Cindy McNally is a veteran, Army and Texas Army National Guard 1978-1983. She is the Founder and Past President of Wilco Blue Star Mothers, a Dept. of Defense organization for military parents, the Blue To Gold Liaison for  families of Central Texas KIA’s. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and has also served on the Executive Board of Directors for many non-profit organizations.   Her husband of 25 years, a Naval Academy grad and former Marine F4 pilot committed suicide in 2007. It was through the IW Silkies Hikes that she, her son, and daughter (combat veterans) experienced the “life-changing” healing that can take place in the company of other warriors through the camaraderie that is so unique to IW.  As a result of this experience, she has committed her heart (ruck, boots, and body) to bring awareness to and supporting IW. She served as the IW National Hike Coordinator for 2 years. She’s known and referred to by most as “Momma Bear” or “Momma” because she lives by the code.


Founder/Chairman of the Board


The “Silkies Hike” or 22, with 22, for the 22 as it was first known, started as a single event on July 25, 2015, in San Diego, CA. It skyrocketed to over 40 events nationwide in 3 months time, each coordinated by local veterans. Captain Donny O’Malley, USMC (Ret), and Sergeant Ryan Loya, USMC, co-founded the hike through their non-profit, Irreverent Warriors, with the idea that camaraderie and humor can save a life. In 2014, Donny and Ryan each lost a close friend to suicide. While a patient in Wounded Warrior Battalion West located in San Diego, CA, Donny befriended LCpl Artem Lazukin, who took his own life on March 29, 2015. Six months prior, Sgt. Jeremy Sears committed suicide on October 6, 2014. Sears was first to respond when an IED blast threw Ryan 20 feet into a nearby river.

As a result, Donny and Ryan made a pact to reduce the epidemic of veteran suicide, and so started the Silkies Hike: 22 with 22 for the 22


Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Nate McDonald served in the Marine Corps as an Intelligence Operator for Special Projects.  He was honorably discharged in 2012 after joint operations combat tours in multiple theaters.  He now works as a Consultant and Subject Matter Expert supporting various US government and military organizations.  Nate has worked for multiple military and veteran organizations over the last decade and now serves as the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer for Irreverent Warriors.  He experienced the toll that military service takes on so many by losing comrades both in the line of duty and as a result of the psychological battles they continued to fight afterward.   After getting out of active duty, Nate knew there was little he could do to have the backs of his comrades downrange, but was determined to do something to make an impact in the lives of those continuing their fight at home.  One of the greatest contributors to mental health struggles and suicide is isolation.


Chief Financial Officer & Coordinator, San Francisco Silkies Hike


Colin served in the Marine Corps and was a route clearance platoon commander in Afghanistan. He got out as a Captain, and then received his MBA from UCLA. He now works as Director of Real Estate Services at a large real estate developer in Orange County.

Colin lives with his wife and baby boy in OC. He lost several good friends to suicide, and has a passion to help veterans through their transition and struggles.

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